Storify: HASTAC 2013, Day 1 [April 25, 2013]

Here is the compilation of tweets from the first day of the HASTAC conference this week, in Storify form: Day 1.

The conference began with an evening plenary from Cathy Davidson, which sparked an interesting debate in the Twitter “backchannel”.


Speculative Diction: The Down-Side of Technology? – On Class Time [October 13 2010]

Considering the distractions in which students indulge while in class, many of which involve smartphones and laptops: what’s the answer to dealing with a situation where students are more engaged with their friends online than with others in the same room? How different is this from the distractions of the past, before iPhone and Blackberry? Is this about technology, teaching, both or neither? And how should we deal with it “in the moment”, in the classroom?