Speculative Diction: Access Denied? – Considering SOPA and Higher Ed [January 23, 2012]

This post addresses the potential implications of US SOPA and PIPA bills for the larger higher ed landscape.



Guardian UK: Professional perspectives on the student tuition fees protests [November 10, 2011]

Students in England responded to tuition increases (up to £9,000) with massive protests in London and other cities. The Guardian solicited opinions on this from a few folks, and I was among them.


Globe and Mail: Who will hire all the PhDs? [April 12, 2013]

The latest article I’ve written for the Globe & Mail looks at the question of whether Canada produces “too many” PhDs. This is something I’ve also discussed in past blog posts and presentations. I still think there is a huge disconnect in the way the government imagines PhDs as “skilled workers”, and the reality of their apparent job options. In the future I’d really like to do more research on how people come to see themselves as “successful” or not in a PhD programme, and how that affects their career decisions.