Speculative Diction: Pragmatic Preoccupations [April 19 2013]

I wrote a blog post as a re-cap from the Worldviews Pre-Conference ¬†event on April 16th at the University of Toronto. As my example when I spoke on this panel, I discussed the media rhetoric about MOOCs and how it reflects various aspects of the current context of postsecondary education and its “crisis”.


Conference: Worldviews 2011 – “Liveblogged” [June 16 – 18, 2011]

The blog posts listed below, from the first Worldviews conference in 2011, are very long and more in the form of notes than actual posts. I created these posts before I had taken to the practice of live-tweeting and then making Storify archives of the tweets.

Worldviews – Day 1

Worldviews – Day 2

Worldviews – Day 3

Panel: Worldviews Pre-conference Event – War on Knowledge? [Upcoming-April 16, 2013]

This Tuesday, April 16th, I’ll be on a panel at the pre-conference event for the Worldviews Conference on Media and Higher Education, in Toronto. This should be an interesting event; the other members of the panel are: Tony Burman, Janice Gross Stein, Clifford Orwin, and Scott Jaschik, and the moderator will be Rick Salutin.